About Scandale

With its rich French heritage and over 80 years of expertise, Scandale has provided beautiful lingerie to women for generations. In a new partnership with Halle Berry, who serves as muse and curator for the brand, Scandale has created a collection of timeless designs to suit the needs of the modern woman. Halle’s innate sense of style and understanding of the different facets of a woman’s life has inspired lingerie that is practical, beautiful, seductive and like the women who wear it, constantly surprising.

“I was drawn to Scandale because of its French heritage and gorgeous lingerie. The products are designed to support a woman’s desire to look beautiful as well as her essential need to feel confident and comfortable in her body.”
– Halle Berry


Behind The Scenes

Halle shares the story of her partnership with Scandale and her excitement about this one-of-a-kind French heritage brand being relaunched at Target for women everywhere. Join Halle in discovering the timeless elegance of Scandale and find out why well made, beautiful lingerie is so important to her.

The Collection

The Scandale collection has been designed to uniquely celebrate the many facets of a woman’s life – practical and elegant, chic and sexy. The excitement of well-made, great value, beautiful lingerie is front and center of everything we have created.

80 Years Of French Elegance

Scandale, the brand that named itself… In 1932, legendary founder Robert Perrier was manufacturing corsetry and hosiery in a small factory in France when, inspired by the new fabric introduced to him by a visiting salesman, he replaced the traditional laced-up restrictions of the day and created a girdle that was so delicate and so light to the touch that when his assistant saw it she exclaimed “C’est un scandale!” (It’s a scandal!).

Founded in 1932, Scandale has a rich heritage of sophisticated French lingerie. Scandale has been meeting the needs and desires of women for eighty years, preserving it’s ideal of elegant, timeless beauty while bringing modernity and innovation to each new decade.